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Our Guernseys provide us with a naturally rich, golden milk for the Dairy to process, enhancing the wonderful, rich and creamy qualities you find in our milk and other dairy produce. 

Our local herds produce around 8 million litres of raw milk each year. Just over 6 million litres of this gets processed and sold as milk and the rest is used to make our delicious butter, cheeses, creams and ice-creams.

In 2021, we received outstanding 2-star, and 1-star accolades for our milk and salted butter in The Guild of Fine Food's, Great Taste Awards.

Great Taste is the world's largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme run by The Guild of Fine Foods.  It supports and promotes food and drink producers, large and small, giving buyers and food lovers in the UK and overseas reliable recommendations for great tasting food.

Out of 5,383 products worldwide to receive a Great Taste 1-, 2- or 3-star accolade, we are now able to display the unmistakable black and gold Great Taste logo, a stamp of excellence recognised by retailers and consumers, on our award-winning products.

Our fans 

Because of its unique taste and richness our Guernsey Butter is used across Europe. 

One of Guernsey Butter's biggest fans is Dutchman, Pieter Kluyver.  He visits Guernsey regularly and imports around 20 tonnes of butter to Holland each year.  His 'Guernsey Boter' (Dutch for butter) is highly regarded in the Dutch food industry and sold on within the country to ice cream makers, patissiers and Michelin starred restaurants. Visit his website https://www.guernsey-butter.com/en/ to find out how his head chefs prefer to use Guernsey Butter to cook with.

Ali Cann - Simply Brownies

Guernsey girl, Ali Cann, is now living in South London where she with her family run the highly sought after and addictive mail order brownie company, Simply Brownies.  Along with other quality ingredients like organic dark chocolate, the real trick of her trade in making these addictive brownies is Salted Guernsey Butter. 

"Guernsey butter is one of the main ingredients in all my brownies. I get my family to bring over 40 packs at a time when they come to the UK." 

Simply Brownies for website

Fenella Maddison - Torteval Cheese

"I initially began making a small amount of goats' cheese before moving into Fort Grey - a soft, blue cheese made with the Dairy's full-cream milk.  I drive to the Dairy to fetch the milk which they store in pergal boxes especially for me.  I now make three other cheeses named after local places; Portelet, Lihou and Hanois. They are all soft cheeses made using the same methods but with different cultures added.  Portelet is my favourite and my most recent.

"The milk from the Dairy is beautiful - I'm very lucky to work with such a product. If I made my cheese in England from another breed, I would have to add cream to get the same texture and taste. It's so good to know that the furthest in miles the milk has travelled to the Dairy is just seven!"

Torteval Cheese rippening

Julia and Matt Hudge - Guernsey Hudge

"Two key components of traditional Guernsey fudge are milk and butter and so what better produce to use than milk and butter made in Guernsey!  We have tried other butters but none work as well as the butter from the Guernsey Dairy. Hudge is built on showcasing local products, so as well the Dairy's products, we are featuring other local products - coffee, salt, gin, beer and cider!"

Guernsey Hudge

Ros Holberry - Cherry Tree Bakery

"I make Viennese Whirls, made from all Guernsey Butter and I can tell you, you'll never go back to other products. I also make All Guernsey Butter Cookies, which seem to be a great hit with the people who go to Cobo Butchers.  All of my cupcakes and buttercream fillings and decorations are made with Guernsey Butter and Guernsey Eggs - using local ingredients is very important to me."

Cherry Tree Cakes

Guernsey cows' high butterfat ratio gives that scrumptious rich taste you'll discover in every spread of Guernsey butter on toast, fresh glass of milk or glug of cream.

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