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Guernsey Dairy plans strong marketing push to mitigate the decline of milk sales

19 October 2020

The company's 2020 Business Plan sets out targets to promote the value and ultimately enhance the appeal of its milk and milk-derived products.

These sales and marketing strategies will focus on the promotion of the local dairy industry not only from the health benefits of milk but also by promoting the broader farming community, sustainability, food miles, conservation and biodiversity, as well as promoting Guernsey as a centre of breed excellence.

In a recent survey, 85% of respondents said Guernsey milk is excellent, and 83% felt strongly or very strongly that it should continue to be produced in the island.  89% of households were regular consumers. 

However liquid milk sales have declined in recent years, in part due to the increased competition from plant-based alternatives. 

Andrew Tabel, general manager of Guernsey Dairy said:  "Research shows the majority of islanders love our milk but we cannot be complacent this will continue.  We know that there is a shift in younger consumers who are moving towards plant based milk alternatives, for all sorts of reasons.  We are going to look to address that by developing a marketing strategy underlining the health and environmental benefits of buying local, as well as the wider contribution that the local dairy industry makes in maintaining our countryside and supporting the island's biodiversity. These are things that are important to islanders of all ages."

"We love seeing our 'Golden Guernseys' grazing in the fields and most islanders understand the significant contribution the local dairy farming industry makes to the look and feel of our island. At the same time farmers rely on milk sales to maintain viable businesses, supporting their herds and managing our countryside.  One will not exist without the other, which is why it is important that we continue to encourage islanders to support the local dairy industry by buying our products."

The new marketing plan will look to promote the benefits of local dairy produce. 

Mr Tabel said: "The natural health benefits are one of the advantages of locally produced milk, plus our product has only travelled a few miles from 'grass to glass'.  

"We also plan to carry out further research to better understand consumer preferences, and help inform the future range of products."

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