The Cowleys, La Gervais Farm

La Gervais Farm is one of the biggest in Guernsey with a herd of 150 Guernsey cows grazing in and around the 7,000 vergee farm in St Saviours.

At the head of the herd is Dave Cowley, a Guernsey man that left school to pursue a career in farming and has built his well-established business on a drive for continual learning and working collaboratively with colleagues.

Dave is supported by ably Dad and strapping son Simon, along with a team of dedicated workers passionate about their profession, manage a 150 strong herd of cows and see farming in Guernsey as their dream profession.

Dave sees the extended partners he works with as one team that includes the farm workers, suppliers (of what?), and the milk and food retailers we supply to.

The farm supply ??? litres of milk to the dairy But The Cowley Farm is a perfect example of adapting traditional Guernsey farming to bring modern success in a changing industry.

Dave also grows potato crops across Guernsey, which he has informally named by the time they harvest at. He explains "We got a field full of spuds at Les Trepied in St Saviours  that we call '5am' because that's the time we harvest there, with there being few neighbours and we've got  '2pm' field in St Andrew which has more neighbours to minimise the disturbance for".

The consideration for the environment goes beyond keeping the neighbours happy as he, like all Guernsey Farmers, is responsible for maintaining hedgerows, fields, to maintain or improve biodiversity.

Dave says "Elsewhere in the world, farmers need to be modern and resourceful in their management to survive, prosper and meet consumer demands but in Guernsey, farmers are still seen as custodians of the countryside"

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