The Watts, Meadow Court Farm

The Watt's family look after award winning herd of 156 'Guernseys' at Meadow Court Farm, their home since 1970.  Meadow Court Farm, set in 700 vergees (that's xx acres) of countryside.

After studying Agriculture at University and gaining farming experience all over the world, James Watts returned home in 1999 with his wife, Claire to join his father, Ray in the family business. The couple now have two teenage children, Tom and Imogen who help out, too.

James Watts manages Meadow Court farm with wife, Claire to allow his dad, Ray to take a step back.

He admits "Dad does the hard bit. Meets the public, attends farmer's markets. I get the best part- tending to our herd".

The herd consists of some of the best Guernseys in the world and has one of the highest genetic merits, rearing two of the top four globally-ranked bull breeds.

James is a true and passionate advocate of the breed which he believes to be the fittest and healthiest around. "The Guernsey cow is Guernsey's living heritage and developing it is the farm's 'raison d'etre" said James.  

Animal welfare factors high up at Meadow Court Farm. Great milk comes from happy, healthy cows and the Watts' herd couldn't be happier. In our hot summers, life is quite literally a breeze for them as James and Claire install fans in the cow barn to keep them cool.

Managing the herd and farm at Meadow Court requires James to be a mechanic, accountant, vet, crisis manager and diplomat and of course, a farmer. This varied day starts at 5.30am for James when he wakes up to his bowl of cereal topped with rich glugs of chilled Guernsey milk fresh from the cow.

'Nothing comes close to the flavour of Guernsey milk produced in this way' says James. 

Meadow Court open up their gates to schools, charities, social groups, businesses and tourists to give tours.

 "We always encourage people to come and have a look round. We are, after all, only custodians of the countryside," said Ray

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