The Dairy

We process milk from our world famous Guernsey cows to produce a range of premium quality dairy products.

We receive 8 million litres of raw milk a year and use it to produce and sell:

6 million litres of milk

200,000 kg of Guernsey butter and

24,000 kg of cheese

Every. Year. 

We also make rich dairy cream and four delicious flavours of Guernsey ice-cream.

The Guernsey Dairy is owned and operated by the States of Guernsey and The States Trading Supervisory Board has political responsibility for the Dairy. 

Our vision is to secure the sustainability of the local dairy industry and farmed countryside, by the processing of milk through an efficient, profitable facility employing best commercial practices, in the long term best interest of Islanders.

The local farming industry, our Guernsey breed and the Guernsey Dairy are closely linked. That's why we've developed our latest business plan alongside the Guernsey Farming Association and the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure and aligns with the Guernsey Dairy Industry Strategy and the Guernsey Biodiversity Strategy.

You can read ourpdf icon Guernsey Dairy 2017-2023 Business Plan Customer Summary [1Mb]

From Grass to Glass: How We Do It

The Dairy performs a vital role between our farms and our customers. We work closely with farmers and distributors to process rich raw milk into the high quality, delicious, and safe products we all know.

All of the milk produced by our island's cows is collected and processed by the Guernsey Dairy. The Dairy opens its doors for the day at 5am and the first tanker of milk arrives from our farms at 6am.

Explore the grass to glass process below.

[insert Infographic of dairy process]

[INSERT video-farm to table- a video of the journey of the milk from cow to your cereal in the morning]


Cows don't do bank holidays so at the Dairy, we work 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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