Our Team

We are a small team of 37. Some of our staff have been working here since they left school and we even have several members of families working together across the business.  

Andrew Tabel- General Manager

Andrew about him


Adelaida Simon- Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager

Aida oversees the quality of the dairy products we produce and ensure we are working to high standards and achieving appropriate accreditation. She has over 20 years' experience working within agriculture.

Holly Stubbert- Engineering and Health and Safety Manager

Holly manages the engineering side of the Dairy, ensuring that the machines are functioning effectively to produce our products safely and efficiently.

David Domaille- Production Manager

Managing the production of all our dairy products, Dave is something of a cheese connoisseur and will often be found developing tasty new recipes


Catriona Edwards- Senior Finance Manager

Catriona manages


Alex Tielles- Senior Lab Supervisor

Alex and the lab team are crucial to the operation of the dairy. No work can start until they have tested the raw milk first thing in the morning and all the samples from our products at different stages go through the lab throughout the day.

Rob Cowley- Guernsey Farmers Association




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