Our Butter

As well as supplying the island, 25% of our butter is sold outside of Guernsey.  We stock the shelves of supermarkets across the UK and our butter is so sought after, we even export it to bakers and chefs of Michelin starred restaurants across the Britain and Europe.

We add zero flavour or colour enhancers so our butter is naturally rich and yellow in colour with a unique sweet taste.

It's perfect to distinguish a dish when cooking and often favoured in sauces, cakes, patisseries and chocolate.

Our butter is available as both salted and unsalted as [tiles]

250g packs
7g butter portion packs and
catering packs in various configurations

Our butter is used worldwide because of its unique taste and richness. Read about where its used across the world.

Pieter Kluyver
One of our biggest fans of our Guernsey butter is Dutchman, Pieter Kluyver.  He visits Guernsey regularly and imports around 20 tonnes of butter to Holland each year.  
Renamed 'Guernsey Boter', it is highly regarded in the Dutch food industry and sold on within the country to ice cream makers and Michelin starred restaurants

Head over to our Recipe pages to find out how our butter is used in bakes and dishes [link].

Simply Brownies

Guernsey girl, Ali Cann, is now living in South London where she with her young family and is responsible for the highly sought after and addictive mail order brownie company, Simply Brownies.

Along with other quality ingredients like organic dark chocolate, the real trick of her trade in making these addictive brownies is Salted Guernsey Butter.

"Using Guernsey butter makes such a difference because its one of the main ingredients in all my brownies. I get my family to bring over 40 packs at a time when they come to the UK."

We use our delicious butter cream to make over 200,000kg of salted and unsalted Guernsey butter each year.

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